those who fix

those who fix
the problems of others are often
those who need fixed the most
the longing of the incognito heart:broken
down and the words that plague are sharp. (unspoken)
they are covered by the fogs need to mix
into my being; so my heart may never soften
and i am left to conversations with a Ghost

those who fix
endeavor to find problems
where none may exist  to find purpose
but all the while their self-ignorant neglect
is just a cry of desire for what others can’t reflect;
and plummeting myself into hell gives no fix.
i just thrust my mind into a parlayed bedlam
caused by my own freud-need to play amicus

to do the things you want

to do the things you want
you must do the things you ought:
sleepless weekdays and twenty hours awake in work
creep toward weakdays and plenty of burnout to spare.
the compositions daunting and deadlines drawing near
as my watch keeps taunting me with the secondhand-imposing jeer;
the strains of life generate a brain that is fraught
with neuralgia.but therapy comes as art:repair-
ing us and declaring us fit to acquire the things for which we search
to do the things we want.

i have been slowly tearing

i have slowly been tearing
out my hair by the roots
waiting ,highly,
anticipating the news
while my internal monologue is slowly recreating
but the answers i have are scarcely ever placating
and dialogues we have are rarely never fearing
and i approach the subject shyly


i have slowly been tearing
up at the thought of no you and me
me and you — there is not two
just the one to make me pleased
an ashtray full of cigarettes and no thing full of regrets
just splendid-melancholy sublets in the underbelly of this;lifes complex
but when the subject is broached is it nearing?
or simply,just a case of deja vu.


i have been slow-ly tear-ing
down my wall of apathy(
we equals you and me
be-ing happy);
is not a flee-ing chivalry
where virtue is a heresy
damnable by despondency
and hypocrisy is my mediocrity
dressed in denim jeans
and a plain pocketed tee!
eternity cannot be
the here-now.i see:
my faith in me
was just a plea
to spare me from eternity?