Who is Jesus and Why is He Worthy?

Jesus Christ. Messiah. Lord. Savior. Lion. Lamb. Suffering Servant. Son. Friend. Rabbi.

Jesus is many things to many people. To some, He was God. Fully God. Not even a little human. To others, He was a man — fully man — who was at least so in tune with His consciousness that He unlocked His full potential. I am not very well versed on either of those ends of the spectrum. I am, however, an adherent to the belief that He was fully God and fully man. I do not claim to be an expert by any means, but I do love Him. The love I have for Him provokes me to learn about Him. This post runs under the assumption that you believe that, as well.

This is not a post to prove that Jesus is God. This is a post to demonstrate why He is worthy of our praise, in an attempt to allow you to see Him and savor Him (thank you, John Piper) in His fullness. I will try to be brief, but if you are inspired by this, I will supply some books to read at the end of this.

Why praise Him?

Jesus is worthy of praise for a number of reasons that I could outline endlessly. Maybe I can write a book someday when I feel competent enough. But, I want to focus primarily on what makes Him perfect and unmatched as a means to show my point.

First of all, Jesus (the triune, in general, really) has the honor of having never began. He was never created. To Him alone belongs that honor. This makes Him unmatched, as He is no longer able to be perceived as a creation, but the ever present Creator. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…” Since He was never created, nothing can have power over Him. He is the highest of the high. Much like you typically respect your grandfather for having created your father, who created you, you should revere the One who created all. Since nothing created Him, He alone is worthy of the utmost praise and glory.

Next, we come to Jesus, the Man. To demonstrate, let’s look at two Old Testament examples: Adam and the valley of dry bones. In both instances, we see God bringing bodies together. But, more importantly, we see Him breath (Hebrew: ruach, meaning breath, spirit, wind) into these creations. What He does is impart the Spirit into these “zombies,” if you will. But, He first creates the body to impart the Spirit into. Now, fast forward to about 3BC, when Mary receives a revelation from an angel: the Spirit will give her a child. Essentially, Jesus is born simultaneously of Spirit and body. Jesus alone holds this privilege. Only He is born with both body and Spirit from the very beginning of His earthly life. All of us are imparted with the Spirit later on in our lives.

Another big part of Jesus the Man is Joseph. Read over Matthew 2 and you see a man totally obedient to the Lord. Joseph did everything the Lord commanded him to do. What does this do? This allows OT prophecies to be fulfilled. What does that mean? It means that Jesus is placed in the undeniable place of Savior. Without Joseph’s obedience, Jesus’ divinity would be questionable and our faith is lost.

So, what does all of that mean?

Jesus is presented as the distinct and sole culmination of body, mind, and Spirit. He becomes the crossroads of flesh (Mary’s mothership), Spirit, and mind (Joseph’s obedience). Jesus is born of these three things. Again, He alone holds this honor.

Jesus is totally unmatched on an incredible number of levels, but I believe HIs most astonishing feat was His birth. All three of those things needed to line up for Jesus to become who He became: our beloved Savior. All glory, honor, and power to the perfect Man.

Further Reading:

Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ by John Piper

Spurgeon on the Holy Spirit by Charles Spurgeon (duh)


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