Jazz , Tick-clunks, and Loudness

Tick-clunk… Tick-clunk… Tick-clunk… I’m laying down to sleep in a house that I’m unfamiliar with (housesitting, not a kidnapping), and all I can hear with the TV off is the painfully annoying “tick-clunk” of two not-quite-in-sync clocks in the living room. I sit there for about a minute, trying to shut it down, but I can’t. And there’s nothing I can do, short of remove the batteries, to shut them up. So, I turn on the surround sound system and the TV and turn to the wonderful “classic jazz” music channel I had listened to all day. It was exponentially better but, every now and then, I could hear it… Tick-clunk… But, I had tricked myself into thinking it was some sort of polyrhythmic drum beat that the drummer decided to throw in there.

As I was lying there, thinking about my situation, I realized that this is how some people use God. God is the jazz music to the tick-clunk of their life. He’s just there to cover up, and sometimes, like me tricking myself into thinking the tick-clunk was just the drums, disguise the bad things in our lives. But, that’s not what God should be. By doing that, we’re using Him as a security blanket. Instead, we should be using God to find the rhythm, or the good things, in the tick-clunk of life.

God’s not a cover-up for the blemishes in our lives. I’d dare to say that He’s a magnifying glass for them. Our lives come under so much more scrutiny when we decide to walk with God. Both from other people, and from ourselves. The wrongdoings and troubles in our lives come under the microscope. We can’t try to fool ourselves into thinking that if we turn up the volume of God that the tick-clunk of our lives will just magically disappear. Especially if we’re not fully prepared to become engrossed in Him. No, in fact, we must turn DOWN the volume of God. Why? I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, or if this even works for you, but when I turn down the volume of a song, I can hear so many more little nuances and harmonies that I couldn’t hear at a loud volume. I can appreciate the art so much more because, when you turn up a song, you’re distorting the audio and the subtle bits become fuzzy. I also like to turn down my music because it allows me to hear everything else around me, and I can actually fit that background noise into the song. But, only if I turn the music down. So, I am boldly saying turn down the volume of God (not literally, don’t actually make God a smaller part of your life, just don’t focus so much on your ideal version of God, and appreciate the whole of Him) and find a way for the troubles and wrongdoings of your life to fit into the song that He has prepared for your life.


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