Stop the Hating. Please, Just Stop the Hating Now

I discovered the other day that an old friend of mine was found severely beaten and left for dead in a ditch. Needless to say, my heart sank. I had always sympathized with situations like this, but never thought I’d be placed in one myself. Not even a week later, the Newtown shootings occurred. And now, not even a day after posting this, I found out that a friend of mine was stabbed and killed. And I can’t understand it.

I don’t understand a hatred so deep that you could want to kill someone. I’ve wanted to punch someone before, and I have punched someone before. But, that’s the EXTREME for me. You have to really piss me off to get me there. Well, right now, I AM that pissed. That, and heartbroken. I want to freaking punch something! And who am I so mad at? Well, it’s more of a what. I’m irate with the present state of the world. And I’m heartbroken for the same reason.

I just don’t understand it. And I’m not going to feed you some quasi-religious bs that these occurences are “signs from God that we need Him.” While I agree that we need God more, I disagree that He would purposely impose the slaughter of children to show us that. Now, for the somewhat spiteful part of my post…

I hate when people hate people. I hate when people hurt people. But, most of all, I hate when people hurt people out of hate. I think it’s stupid to hate people. It’s just such a waste of time because all it does is make you unhappy. So, if you hate someone, you’re stupid (I’m included in that group myself. I am an idiot for hating people). Hatred is a byproduct of conceitedness. Basically, if you hate a person, it’s probably because you have a certain degree of conceit and that person interrupted your ideal world and showed you something/did something that contradicted what you previously believed about yourself. Or more accurately, they brought to light something you already knew about yourself, but buried deep down inside yourself so you don’t have to feel like crap.

Seriously, we need to get our acts together. We live in a planet that’s full of self-centeredness and selfishness. In philosophy terms, we live in a very egoist planet. So, if you didn’t get the point: stop hating people, because it probably just means that you have personal problems you need to work out within yourself.

“The sun is beating down, are we ever gonna change, can we stop the blood from running? Our time is running out, will we find another way before we’re finally left with nothing. So many lives are taken, so much love is wasted.” ~ Alter Bridge, “Rise Today”


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