Too Concerned With the Wrong Thing?

I’ve been seeing a lot of Christians discussing the tragedy of the Connecticut shooting lately. What I’ve observed (and found myself participating in) is that people are getting too involved in the politics of the shooting. Once I came back to the discussions with a cool head, I realized the folly in my ways.

Amongst the arguments for and against guns and gun rights and gun control, I saw very little talk of Jesus. Very little talk of love. Very little talk of things that we should be concerned with. Now, of course, stricter gun laws are a natural reaction, and a good one. But, I’m not here to talk about that part of this…

We, as Christians, should be more concerned with what is wrong with the world that we feel the need to own guns. We should be more concerned with loving and supporting those who have lost their little babies. I see fellow Christians arguing “I deserve my gun, this is America. I’m just defending myself.” When, shouldn’t we really be saying “What is wrong with the world?”

I want to see my feeds on Facebook and Twitter full of love and compassion for each other. Not division over stupid things of the world. Not “Rawr. Guns, guns, guns” and “No, you’re stupid. Prohibition, prohibition, prohibition.” Instead of making a statement like “This is why guns should be outlawed, so sick people like that can’t get them” (because that’s not even an entirely true statement, bad people will always get guns), we should making a statement like “This is a terrible tragedy. What can I do to help change the world so that something like this won’t happen?” After all, Jesus wasn’t concerned with changing laws, He was concerned with changing hearts and people. One person is like a domino. They’ll change someone, and they’ll change someone, and so on. So, help by changing a person in your life, not by trying to change a law…

“Three things will last forever — faith, love, and hope — and the greatest of these is love.” – 1 Corinthians 13:13 (NLT)


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